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Temple Productions is a full service media production company from content acquisition, production services, to Film funding and Consultancy. Renowned for professionalism and excellence in media service delivery, TP was established in 1996 in Lagos, Nigeria, and is the brain child of Ego Boyo.

With proficiencies in feature films, documentaries, television commercials as well as Advocacy, Corporate and Promotional videos, Temple has delivered world class services time and time again.

TP is known for its critically acclaimed award winning feature films like KEEPING FAITH and 30 DAYS, and is constantly pushing boundaries with innovative and experimental work like 2017’s Silent experimental Film, the first of its kind in Nigeria, A Hotel Called Memory (Favourite Experimental Film - Blackstar Film Festival, Best Sound and Best Sound Effect, Best Editor - AMAA) and 2019’s socially conscious Film The Ghost and the House of Truth (Best Narrative Feature - URBANWORLD FILM FESTIVAL) which launched at the cinemas in November, 2019.


To showcase the beauty and Art of African film to a global audience, becoming the partner of choice to international organizations looking to engage Nollywood.

what we do

We offer the excellent services of world class Producers and production services working with diverse and international crews, delivering quality films from concept to post production

film production

We produce films which showcase the range, beauty and art of African film delivering richly impactful content that encapsulates the challenges and triumphs in the lives of ordinary people across the continent.

creative direction

We develop, create, invest and produce original content that is african and resonates with audiences globally

content acquisition

We provide a curated bespoke service that acquires quality films, tv series and documentaries for a variety of platforms, and develop exclusive content for a range of clients.

The Ghost And The House Of Truth


our team

Nwakaego Boyo

Nwakaego Boyo

Ego is the founder and owner of Temple Productions which was established in 1996 after the success of her debut as Producer. She is a notable Actor, Producer and Executive Producer.
Ego has continued to steer Temple to push boundaries, Create Films that resonate, Inspire, educate and entertain while utilizing the values of TMPL. Under her Leadership TP has thrived and established its place in Nollywood as a purveyor of quality Productions.

Morenike Ajanaku

Morenike Ajanaku

Morenike is interim research and development manager at Temple Productions Limited with an a degree in Sociology from the University of Birmingham and Law degree from BPP University London.
As line producer on our latest project, The Ghost And The House Of Truth - Morenike has gained real experience on the day to day physical expects of film production, serving a similar role to the unit production manager.

awards & nominations

Best Director

Best Nigerian Film


30 Days (2006)

AMAA 2008

8 Nominations

Best actress

Best supporting actress

Best Director

Best Art Direction

Best costume

Best picture

Best screenplay

Best cinematography

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